Commercial Carpet Cleaning High Wycombe

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning High Wycombe

The carpeting in your commercial premises are usually one of the more expensive assets of your business so it makes sense to keep them clean and looked after. Here at ProCarpet Clean we are happy to offer businesses across Bucks and Berks a complete range of floor and carpet cleaning services. Having a planned cleaning schedule for your company’s carpets actually saves money in the long run as regular cleaning extends the life of commercial carpet by up to 50%.


Here’s What We Do Best

We are proud to offer all of our commercial clients a 24 hour service. This ensures the cleaning process has the least possible impact on your business as it can be done out of hours at a time to suit your company.
We also use professional fast drying carpet cleaning systems. Every carpet we clean is ready to be walked on as soon as it has been cleaned and is normally bone dry within an hour. What’s more is the top grade equipment we use is extremely quiet, so even if staff are still hard at work we wont disrupt them. Every carpet is also cleaned with a special soil retardent so rest assured they will stay cleaner for longer.

The Best Bit

This is where your staff and visitors are amazed at the difference in the carpets. As well as looking the best they ever have they are hygienically clean and smell fresh and wonderful. To get your completely free no obligation quote. Call us now on 01628 520354. 


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